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Women’s Health in Ghana & Aide to The Nation of Cameroon

The dear nation of Cameroon has usually been a peaceful country. Of late there has been some instability in the peace of Cameroon. Knowing that Madam Sharon N. Alenda extended to Ghana through the audience of Her Excellency Samia Yaba Nkrumah a Women’s Health and Child Care Initiative several months ago, its time for Cameroon to join this partnership and also benefit for Cameroonian women.


Sharon was touched at the robust agriculture norms that Cameroon possessed back in 2008 and later saw that by 2015 all its food products were under a scarce quantity with poor preservation. Women First is extending to Cameroon under the selected shareholder Dr. Diana Acha Mofow to bring about a Women First Women’s Health Initiaves for proper healthcare for nursing and pregnant mothers and their children to the poorest of the poor childbearing women in Cameroon. Not with standing Women First would like to initiate an AgriCare Initiative which will be in conjunction with AgroCare a governing body which shall be used to produce give free school lunch and breakfast to children in Cameroun, as well as to provide free bottled fresh TANGI brand of water, and fresh pineapple puree and mango puree fruit juices for the general population of Cameroun.


Under the  Agri Care infrastructure we intend to produce food products like chocolate food items, coffee, rice, milk and cream, tin tomatoe food products, low cholesterol cooking oil, our national selection of  native spices and  in addition grow our own fresh fruits, vegetables, while curing  and cleaning our poultry products, along with importing into the nation of Cameroun wheat and grains, and again foreign rice and provide gas cookers for most standard homes in Cameroun for the preservation of food and nutrition for the growth and development of Cameroun as well in this very same nation Cameroon in and through out the standing term of the soon to be President elect of the nation of Cameroon Mr. Frank Emmanuel Biya to provide fresh food products along with healthcare to Cameroonian women with standard preservation to the poor women, men and children in Cameroon where fresh food products for the middle class are based at reduced prices and free fresh  food products for the poor are given free of charge by initiative as the Initiaves are in season to ensure better diet and nutrition throughout the country. We hope Cameroon will come back to a level of peace and tranquility.